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Award Winning Creative Brand Design

The Task - Create a door handle

The Machine - Cam Turning on Rotary Knife 

The Story - 93ft approached us to turn wooden door handles for Sheffield's latest build-to-rent development, Kangaroo Works

Wood turning wooden handles saw shop.jpeg

The handle design is based on the London Octagonal Chisel Handle, which we still produce today for our customers for tool and chisel handles. 

Wood turning wooden handles brass ferrule .jpeg
Wood turning wooden tool handle sanding.jpeg

93ft selected sustainably sourced Iroko Wood, this wood  has a rich coloured grain  and is highly durable due to the density of the wood.

" Some objects are so ubiquitous that we hardly even think about them - can you remember the last door handle you touched? But without them our lives would be unworkable.

A door handle is essentially an everyday tool that's used to turn or push open a door. A simple thing but one we have relied on in one form or another for thousands of years."

Wood turning wooden tool handle .jpeg
Wood turning commercial door handle.jpeg

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