We can manufacture handles for a wide range of hand tools. Choose the shape and size, the wood, the finish and then to complete your design choose from our range of stunning ferrules


We have a range of shapes and sizes to choose from or we can manufacture from your design or replicate a handle you have already.

Max length 17.5"

Max diameter 46mm

IMG_6991 copy.jpg

We manufacture in a range of wood species, Ash, Beech, Boxwood, Cherry, Walnut and many others, including rare hard woods from Bubinga to Rosewood, all of which are purchased from certified dealers and sustainably sourced supplies.

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We can offer our handles in a range of finishes, oils, waxes and stains to suit individual customer requirements. Create a unique handle for your tools.

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Ferrules are available in Steel, Copper and Brass in a range of lengths, widths and gauges to complete your tool handle. Ferrules are also available to purchase directly to fit your own tool handles if required.

Work closely with us to design and manufacture a unique handle for your tools. If you think we can be of service to your business, please contact us directly on 0114 272 6060 or info@woodwarerepetitions.co.uk