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Woodware Repetitions

Wood turning blanks

Our factory here on Mowbray Street is home to  11   Rotary Knife Turning Machines,  from the sawing process to the turning, to the sanding, the   drilling and the finishing processes. Everything is done here on site by our dedicated team and has been done this way since 1949.   This way we can ensure that right from the designing process, we can select    the wood with the most suited grain, create   the smoothest finish, customer specification     drilling   is done to our best ability. 

Below are a selection of the items produced here in the factory in Sheffield.

Architectural Components

From Finials, Stair Spindles and Newel    Posts, to Ladder Rungs, Sash Window accessories   and shop fitting to roofing accessories   such as   Wooden Pillars and Balustrade  Trimmings

Copy Lathe Work

The Copy Lathe is perfect for   turning  replacements for old or damaged items like Roof Finials or Stair Spindles. It is also used   for small batches of   intricate design work like candle sticks and  new  hand drawn designs.


We can design and turn Chair, Table and Stool legs, Bun feet and    Stool feet.

Smaller items such as    turned Cabinet and Door Handles,   bespoke designs can also be created by our in house turning team

Miscellaneous Items

Here at Woodware Repetitions    we also manufacture a wide range of wooden components including trophy bases, turned bobbins and even garden dibbers and magic wands!

Sofa foot.jpg


If its   Chisel Handles, Octagonal London Pattern Chisel Handles, Carver Handles, Bodkin Handles and Burnishing Tool Handles... One man and Two man Saw Handles... Screwdriver handles, File Handles... Awl Handles, Knife Handles and Hammer Hafts...  We can do it!

Turning Blanks

We make a variety of turning blanks for your own wood turning projects, these are available to purchase in our shop.

Blanks are available in Ash, Beech and Walnut.

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