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Armitage & Barnsley Knife Collection

The Task - Create a turned wooden handle to fit a full tang  Knife

The Machine -   Double Head Travelling Router Machine

The Story -   We were approached  by our sister company George Barnsley and Sons with a full tang knife they wanted a handle for. Now this was not your usual "Knife Scale" job, the customer they were making the knife for had designed a shape that was very important for the functionality of the knife and the safety element of how the knife should be held and used.

We knew that this would mean in order for the knife to flow as the customer designed we would have to turn the handle as one solid piece and then cut the handle in half to enable them to then attach it to the knife.

The  design    team created a template from the knife and  adjusted the machine to cut the wood accordingly, using the  Double Head Travelling Router    machine. This is a very old machine that uses templates to almost trace the pattern into the wood, slowly removing  the unwanted wood.

wooden knife scales
Double Headed Routing Machine Wooden Knife Handle

We were able to cut the handle not only in Beech, but also in the more exotic Walnut, Bubinga and Rosewood. 

We then cut the handles in half to enable them to be pinned to the handle as requested , creating a smooth  ergonomically shaped wooden turned handle for this newly designed craft knife.

wooden turned knife handle
George Barnsley and Armitage Leather
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