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Ashley Iles is a Lincoln based tool maker that has been trading since 1949. 

Ashley was a pattern maker who one day decided he wanted to make and sell tools... and the rest is history!

The Ashley Iles brand is famous throughout the world, the  extensive range of hand forged carving tools and chisels are made in England using traditional techniques to maintain the  exceptional quality.

Turning Tool Wooden Turned Handle.jpeg
British Wood Turning Wooden Tool Handle.jpeg
Wooden Turned Tool Handle.jpeg

We proudly manufacture a variety of handles to be used with Ashley Iles Traditional British Hand Tools

Wooden Handle Tool Bristish Turned Handles.jpeg
Beech Turned Wooden Tool Handle.jpeg
Sheffeild Woodturning Wooden Tool Handle.jpeg
Wooden Tool Handle for Woodwork.jpeg

For more information and to see the full range of Ashley Iles Hand  Tools visit

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