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Wooden Turned Vintage Tool Handle
Large Turned Vintage Tool Handle Exotic Wooden Turned Tool Handle

Our sister company George Barnsley and Sons is also based here within the factory on Mowbray Street. George Barnsley and Sons have been making  knives and small hand tools since the early 1850's, Woodware Repetitions have been turning the handles for the tools and knives since 1949.  Even to this day we are still turning the original Antique    Pattern GB  small tool handle for use with their tools today! This particular handle is pictured below and is available to buy in the shop!

In addition to the range of small tool handles we turn we also turn all the knife handles and route the scales. One of the most commonly turned knife handles we manufacture  is the 'Oval Handle' this is because of the ergonomical    shape, we are one of the few companies in England who can turn an oval handle!

Wooden Turned Tool Handles.jpeg
Full Tang Knife Scales Walnut Knife Scales Knife Handle
Beech Turned Small Round Handle Wooden Knife Handle Wooden Tool Handle.jpeg
Zebrano Wooden Handles Oval Turned Tool Handles Wooden Awl Handle Exotic Wooden Handles
Wooden Turned Handle Leathercraft Knife Handles.jpeg

The knife scale and handles are turned in both British and Exotic woods... Ash to Zebrano...    making the knives and tools collectors items by modern day crafters! Visit their site at

Walnut Turned Wooden Knife Handle Wooden Tool Handle.jpeg
Oval Wooden Turned Handle Wooden Knife Handle Wooden Tool Handle Wooden Awl Handle.jpeg

We use a selection of  finishes on their handles, from barrel waxing to hand    oiling to bring out the natural luster on the exotic grains to coloured lacquered finishes on the beech handles. 

We also turn  the wooden  leather tools like the Barnsley Burnisher

Wooden Turned Round Knife Handle.jpeg
Wooden Turned Shoe Making Tool Handle.jpeg
Wooden Turned Leather Tools Beech Burnisher British WoodTurning.jpeg
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