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Katto is a Knife and Kitchenware manufacturer based here in Sheffield,    they produce high end Knives and Kitchen equipment.   The knife blades    are cut from Japanese AUS-10 steel, the handles are turned here in the factory from  Beech, Rosewood and Walnut

Wooden Turned Culinary Knife Handle
Steak Knife production steak knife scales
Wooden Turned Knife Handle Woodare Repetitions
Wooden Turned Knife Handle

"We want to use the best possible materials. We want to use human hands, not big machines. We want them to have the minimum possible impact on the environment"

We also Route the  Walnut Steak Knife Handles for Katto's knives that are used in commercial dining here at the factory in Sheffield

Katto's Pasta Boards and Mini Rolling Pins are  handmade here in the factory. Using  Black Walnut this beautiful 

Pasta maker_edited.jpg

To see the full range of the beautiful funcitional kitchen tools Katto produce visit

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